Top energy startups in Europe - Vaasa report

Top energy startups report reveals eCozy among 30 the most promising in Europe!

Our eCozy team is proud to be among Top 30 Most Promising Energy Startups in Europe according to the latest report by EnergyVaasa! Link for the full report is available:

Vaasa is the Finnish energy capital and offers a perfect venue for any energy-related activity. With a 4.4 billion euros annual turnover and more than 140 businesses the region’s energy cluster, EnergyVaasa stands for 30 % of Finland’s total export in energy technology. When the cluster’s 10 000 brains are at work, it’s natural that new disrupting technologies and innovations surface every now and then.

eCozy is an energy saving innovative IoT smart home product, which is learning the specific temperature behavior of each room (how long it takes each room to heat up) and making sure all rooms reach the desired temperature exactly at the desired point of time. eCozy helps to reduce heating costs by 30%. Recently, eCozy has been acknowledged for its ultra-modern button free product design by World’s most prestigious RedDot Design Award and raised $756.14k during its successful crowdfunding campaign on Crowdfunding-Seedmatch platform.