Smart home product design by eCozy

Smart home product design is a great challenge for IoT development companies. It’s about how your physical product looks like and its user experience, the ability to deeply understand users needs. 

That’s why we are extremely excited to announce that our product, smart thermostat eCozy, has been acknowledged by World’s most prestigious RedDot Design Award. We are RedDot Design Concept Winner 2015! It has been a tough way, but we have overcome all our difficulties and made it happen! This proves to us that people really like our product, which makes us only more motivated to bring it faster to the market!

eCozy is a modern smart energy IoT product – the intelligent thermostat for water radiators, developed by ADUK GmbH. 

With eCozy we want to eliminate the user’s pain of setting up a digital thermostat, maintain comfortable and price-reasonable heating regimes and save 30% of your heating costs. eCozy’s ergonomic shape & form makes it a long-lasting solution for years and is among Top 30 Most Promising Energy Startups in Europe!